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Citizenfour at DOK Leipzig 2014

In October I was lucky enough to get a ticket for the opening night screening at DOK Leipzig film festival. The film was the much-anticipated Citizenfour, the third part of Laura Poitras’ 9/11 trilogy and the film’s first screening in Germany. We were lucky enough to watch the film with a video introduction from Edward … Continue reading

Only When I Dance

Perhaps because I have always loved dance movies, ever since I saw Dirty Dancing for the first time when I was thirteen years old, and perhaps because I will never by any stretch of the imagination be a dancer myself, I felt inexorably compelled to watch Only When I Dance, a film about two Brazilian … Continue reading

Inshore Fishing in Lau: the role of the narrator in ethnographic film

I began watching this film because I was interested in what one of Fiji’s main industries might be and how an underdeveloped nation produces sustenance. However, once I began watching, what surprised me was the narrator. Here the narrator is American, and although I have not been able to find out any information about the … Continue reading

Ethnography and its technological parallels

Ellen Isaacs defines Ethnography as “the study of behaviour within a culture”. She argues that, by watching human behaviour, we can learn human habits and use those in the technological field to decide “what to invent next”. She uses the example of watching computer scientists use a 1980s Xerox machine in order to create the … Continue reading

Nauru: Paradise Ruined

Nauru, the world’s smallest independent nation, has long been a great source of interest for me. Every time I mention the name to friends, they consistently ask “Nauru? Where’s that?” Nauru is in the South Pacific, about two hours away from anything at all. It has been previously colonised by Germany and Australia, once it … Continue reading