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Tisese: Three Mosuo Women

The Mosuo (摩梭) are often cited as being the only remaining matrilineal society in the world. Based mainly around Lake Lugu in Yunnan province, China, with others in Sichuan and Tibet, they are a group whose family lineage is based mostly on its female members. For example, after marriage, a man traditionally moves to be close … Continue reading

Last Train Home

I watched this documentary with a view to Lesley Chang’s critically acclaimed book Factory Girls. Both address issues faced by migrant workers in China, specifically in industrial southern cities around the Pearl River Delta. The parents of the family in this film moved down south in their twenties in order to make money and a … Continue reading

The Next Life

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjsfUfCclrQ Al-Jazeera Witness is a series I follow as often as I can. Its films are unintrusive and moving without being sentimental. I have had a growing interest in China for several years now, particularly the central and western regions. In 2008, the Sichuan earthquake left as many as 11 million people homeless and killed … Continue reading