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Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Sushi is the essence of Japanese cuisine. Many years ago it was far too expensive for most Japanese to eat, but since the end of the second world war fish farming has increased greatly and sushi has become popular in America and Europe, and with the advent of 100-yen sushi restaurants in Japan sushi is … Continue reading

Ub Lama

Galaa is a troublesome twelve-year-old boy who lives in a yurt in Mongolia’s largest yurt district in Ulaanbataar. His father has been dead for several years, and his mother earns money by selling cigarettes to passing tradesmen at Narantuul Market. He has a very sweet and earnest little brother, who he takes care of despite … Continue reading

One Day in the Life of a Rice Farmer

22 minutes of watching a rice farmer farm rice, what could be more delightful! Said none of my friends who I told about this film, ever. Sadly they have missed out on this birds’-eye-view of a Filipino rice farm, in which we see the daily life of a rice farmer and his family. One of … Continue reading