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Camp 14: Total Control Zone – the animated documentary

Before I begin talking about this documentary, there are a few books I’d like to recommend to anyone interested in North Korea from a perspective other than the terrible Vice documentary “Inside North Korea” which is simply that annoying Canadian dude going on one of those accompanied tours around the country and complaining that he … Continue reading

Nauru: Paradise Ruined

Nauru, the world’s smallest independent nation, has long been a great source of interest for me. Every time I mention the name to friends, they consistently ask “Nauru? Where’s that?” Nauru is in the South Pacific, about two hours away from anything at all. It has been previously colonised by Germany and Australia, once it … Continue reading

Seoul Train

Seoul Train is a documentary about North Korean refugees which I saw a long time ago, but rarely a conversation or thought about NK goes by when I don’t think about this film. The Underground Railroad is a secret organisation which helps North Koreans prepare to escape to South Korea. Although millions of won are … Continue reading