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Casablanca Calling & issues of cultural and religious access

Casablanca Calling was shown as part of the DOK Leipzig festival on Tuesday afternoon. I acted as moderator at the screening and was lucky enough to have the opportunity to talk to Hilary, the producer, about some of the issues she encountered when making the film. Access is something that many documentary film-makers struggle with, … Continue reading

A World Not Ours

David Ben-Gurion famously said of the Palestinians that “one day the old will die and the young will forget”. But how does one forget when one’s entire existence centers around the notion that one will eventually be able to return home to one’s own country? This is one of the ideas tackled in Mahdi Fleifel’s … Continue reading

Ethnography and its technological parallels

Ellen Isaacs defines Ethnography as “the study of behaviour within a culture”. She argues that, by watching human behaviour, we can learn human habits and use those in the technological field to decide “what to invent next”. She uses the example of watching computer scientists use a 1980s Xerox machine in order to create the … Continue reading