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Die Geschichte vom weinenden Kamel/The Story of the Weeping Camel

A Bactrian camel mother gives birth to a rare white foal and refuses to bond with her baby. The camel farmers, who live in a yurt in the vast expanse of the Gobi desert, are at their wits’ end as to what to do. “The mother must see her son!” proclaims Odgoo, mother of three. … Continue reading

Kampf um Kärnten/Fight for Carinthia

Carinthia, Austria, is a very interesting international region, although some of its older residents might not like to think of it that way. On October 10th 1920 Carinthia held a plebiscite to decide whether it would remain part of Austria or give itself over to Slovenia, as it was home to a huge number of … Continue reading

36 Boys

Since 1961, guest workers (Gastarbeiter) have been coming to find work in Germany from Turkey. Turkish immigrants are the largest foreign population in all of Germany, and account for one in four of all immigrants in Germany. As such, the social problems associated with the so-called “Deutschtürken” have been widely researched and awareness of the … Continue reading

Die Käsemacher/The Cheesemakers

Several years ago I took a hiking trip to the pastorally idyllic Bernese Oberland in Switzerland, where Sarah Fasolin‘s film is set, and what rang truest when watching this film was the cowbells echoing throughout each walking path, each moment of experience. A successful soundtrack to the film, announcing new cheese, rifts between friends, the … Continue reading