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Dunkles, Rätselhaftes Österreich/Dark, Mysterious Austria

“As soon as Europeans write their theory, they begin to believe in it” This film is hilarious and worth watching simply as a parody of old-style ethnographic film. At its heart, however, is an important message about narcissism, ethnocentrism, imperialism and cultural superiority. Watching this film is a voyeuristic experience in that through our ridicule … Continue reading

Kampf um Kärnten/Fight for Carinthia

Carinthia, Austria, is a very interesting international region, although some of its older residents might not like to think of it that way. On October 10th 1920 Carinthia held a plebiscite to decide whether it would remain part of Austria or give itself over to Slovenia, as it was home to a huge number of … Continue reading

Our Generation

When I was living in Austria in 2011-12, I went on a weekend trip to Salzburg and met two Australian girls in the bar of the hostel I was staying at. Over a discussion about our home countries and their natives, they became very animated whilst talking about Australia’s “Aboriginal problem”. They told me that … Continue reading