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Casablanca Calling & issues of cultural and religious access

Casablanca Calling was shown as part of the DOK Leipzig festival on Tuesday afternoon. I acted as moderator at the screening and was lucky enough to have the opportunity to talk to Hilary, the producer, about some of the issues she encountered when making the film. Access is something that many documentary film-makers struggle with, … Continue reading

The rise of the documentary novel

I touched on this briefly in my post about William Dalrymple’s wonderful book Nine Lives. However, the documentary novel has the power to delight and also inform, much as its film counterpart does. Whilst not visually anthropological, it is linguistically so. Darja Mazi-Leskovar reminds us that “literature has always relied on facts to make fictional … Continue reading

Dunkles, R√§tselhaftes √Ėsterreich/Dark, Mysterious Austria

“As soon as Europeans write their theory, they begin to believe in it” This film is hilarious and worth watching simply as a parody of old-style ethnographic film. At its heart, however, is an important message about narcissism, ethnocentrism, imperialism and cultural superiority. Watching this film is a voyeuristic experience in that through our ridicule … Continue reading