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Unreliable narrative in documentary film

A few short thoughts:

From Monastery to Catwalk: The Miss Tibet Beauty Pageant is a short documentary raising many important issues surrounding Tibetan politics as well as women in Tibet. For all its positives, however, it does nothing to sell Tibetan culture as one that behaves fairly towards women, mostly due to the main character the filmmaker has access to: the organiser of the beauty pageant.

When watching this documentary it becomes very clear that something an unbiased documentary requires is the filmmaker’s knowledge and awareness of all potential issues surrounding his or her film before the film is made in order to avoid scenarios such as the one encountered at the end of this film, which I feel really misrepresents Tibetan people and culture.

This unfortunate mishap strongly dampened my enjoyment of what would otherwise have been a light-hearted yet interesting and politically pertinent film.


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