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Yogis of Tibet

Tibet is one of the latest-discovered civilisations in the world. They have lived self-sufficiently for a thousand years. Currently best-known for their troubles with the Chinese, who, since Mao Zedong, have wanted to occupy them, the Tibetans are still struggling to assert their independent right to a sustainable culture without the influence of Chinese politics. … Continue reading

Nauru: Paradise Ruined

Nauru, the world’s smallest independent nation, has long been a great source of interest for me. Every time I mention the name to friends, they consistently ask “Nauru? Where’s that?” Nauru is in the South Pacific, about two hours away from anything at all. It has been previously colonised by Germany and Australia, once it … Continue reading

Tisese: Three Mosuo Women

The Mosuo (摩梭) are often cited as being the only remaining matrilineal society in the world. Based mainly around Lake Lugu in Yunnan province, China, with others in Sichuan and Tibet, they are a group whose family lineage is based mostly on its female members. For example, after marriage, a man traditionally moves to be close … Continue reading

Happy People: A Year in the Taiga

Happy People A Year in the Taiga (2011) Russia, Siberia – Video Dailymotion. In the settlement of Bakhtia, a village on the edge of the Siberian Taiga with around 300 residents, a man wants to show us something. What he wants to show us is his people’s way of life, which has remained largely unchanged … Continue reading