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Seoul Train

Seoul Train is a documentary about North Korean refugees which I saw a long time ago, but rarely a conversation or thought about NK goes by when I don’t think about this film. The Underground Railroad is a secret organisation which helps North Koreans prepare to escape to South Korea. Although millions of won are … Continue reading

Peeking Through Chungking Mansions

Chungking Mansions, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong. This is a documentary which should be about the lives of the huge Indian influx into Chungking Mansions and the culture they bring with them, the fun they have and the problems they encounter. Instead, the film focuses on the ridiculous: the half-baked stories once heard about … Continue reading

36 Boys

Since 1961, guest workers (Gastarbeiter) have been coming to find work in Germany from Turkey. Turkish immigrants are the largest foreign population in all of Germany, and account for one in four of all immigrants in Germany. As such, the social problems associated with the so-called “Deutscht├╝rken” have been widely researched and awareness of the … Continue reading

Die K├Ąsemacher/The Cheesemakers

Several years ago I took a hiking trip to the pastorally idyllic Bernese Oberland in Switzerland, where Sarah Fasolin‘s film is set, and what rang truest when watching this film was the cowbells echoing throughout each walking path, each moment of experience. A successful soundtrack to the film, announcing new cheese, rifts between friends, the … Continue reading

Last Train Home

I watched this documentary with a view to Lesley Chang’s critically acclaimed book Factory Girls. Both address issues faced by migrant workers in China, specifically in industrial southern cities around the Pearl River Delta. The parents of the family in this film moved down south in their twenties in order to make money and a … Continue reading